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Gastroenterology Clinic Singapore

KL Ling Gastroenterology and Liver Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services covering both the diagnosis and management of gut and liver conditions.

Gastroenterology Clinic Singapore

Gastroenterology Clinic Singapore

Seeking effective treatment for gastrointestinal problems is vital for a person’s continued well being. Gastro problems, or in full gastrointestinal diseases are a common, but disturbing health challenge, to a significant number of people worldwide.

Singapore has its fair share of people who are having gastro problems. These medical conditions need to be urgently treated by credible and reputable professionals who have an in-depth understanding and experience in working with this sensitive part of the human anatomy. Gastroenterology Clinic Singapore has the perfect knowledge, skills and experience to effectively offer treatment for these health problems. The clinic understands what the problem is. Gastro problems afflict the gastrointestinal tract all the way from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, rectum as well as the accessory organs of digestion namely the liver, pancreas and the gallbladder.

It is worth noting that gastro problems are a source of great discomfort to the patient. Moreover since they affect the digestive system they can easily complicate a person’s health due to poor feeding and poor intake, breakdown and absorption of important nutrients from foods taken.

Esophageal diseases cover a wide spectrum and include disorders that affect this part of the human anatomy. In the acute situations esophageal diseases can include some infections such as esophagitis. Oesophageal diseases have the potential to cause sores throats, difficulty in swallowing, vomiting and throwing up blood, scaring scenarios if not handled properly and in good time.

Gastric or stomach diseases if not handled professionally in good time can result into serious and even fatal complications. These conditions are associated with diseases like gastric cancer and atrophic gastritis. Gastric ulceration and peptic ulcers form another condition in this category. These erode the mucus which protects the stomach tissue from the stomach acids.

Gastroenterology Clinic Singapore you get the best quality medical treatment for all gastro problems. The clinic offers excellent diagnosis to accurately determine the exact gastro problem afflicting you and determines the best medical regime to apply to you. The medics in the clinic have the insights, experience and the right medical equipment and medication to solve all gastro problems.

Among the notable conditions for which the clinic is famed for offering effective treatment include: Jaundice, Gerd, Esophageal Varices, Divertculosis/ Diverticulitis, Cirrhosis, dysphagia, Portal Hypentension, Crohn disease among others. The staff is very professional and courteous.

If you are a resident of Singapore or a visitor to the country and you need expert help with your gastro problems, urgently contact Dr Ling Khoon Lin’s Gastroentologist Clinic.

*This article have not been evaluated by the any medical trained officer. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If you need further medical consultation or advice, you are welcome to book a consultation appointment with Dr Ling.

Dr Ling Khoon Lin is a Gastroenterology and Liver Specialist in Singapore

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