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Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy Singapore

KL Ling Gastroenterology and Liver Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services covering both the diagnosis and management of gut and liver conditions.

The gastroscopy in Singapore is really a procedure to permit the doctor to directly visualize and look at the liner from the upper intestinal tract, including the windpipe (food pipe), stomach and duodenum (first area of the small bowel), and also to identify any irregularities. You can use it to identify or eliminate the Stomach problems, Acidity reflux disease, Inflammation for example gastritis or duodenitis, celiac disease, Cancer and Hiatal hernias. Therefore, if you’ve been identified using these diseases, the doctors provide you having a right treatment. This is why you ought to undergo this process. Most people do not know these illnesses until they’ve developed more serious.

We have to understand that the majority of the disorders could be healed or controlled in early stage. Should you miss an essential chance to deal with the illnesses, this means that it could bring your existence. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy are taught as the most typical endoscopy methods carried out by general surgeons. The endoscope is a long slender medical instrument that works as a viewing system for analyzing the interior area of the body and, by having an attached instrument, for biopsy or surgery. Should you suffer the recurring heartburn or acid reflux, discomfort within the upper abdomen, repeated queasiness and difficulty ingesting, you might be requested to endure this process.

The gastroscopy is a lot more accurate, giving the physician the chance to perform a biopsy simultaneously. Obviously, you will see some complications like the harm to one’s teeth, nicotine gums or back of the throat, from the development of the scope. It’s possible the fluid could get into the lung area, and may cause pneumonia. But when you get a reliable hospital where you will find advanced equipment, abilities, professional doctors along with a good status within this business, these complications might be prevented. Before going through this process, you must have absolutely nothing to drink or eat from night time, which could prevent vomiting food or fluid, which might enter your lung area.

Also, the gastroscopy is carried out being an outpatient procedure in the hospital to ensure that you’ll be accepted to and released in the GI unit on the day that. You need to know that when you are lying on your left side, the gastroscope that’s an adaptable tube is placed onto your teeth and lower the throat, into the windpipe, stomach, and duodenum. When there’s fluid inside your mouth throughout the process, your nurse will suction this out. This process typically takes five to ten minutes.

Colonoscopy is an endoscopic investigation of the large colon or the distal section of the bowel. This process is done using a fiber optic camera on a tube or a CCD camera to perform visual diagnosis of abnormalities like polyps or ulcerations. The camera tube is inserted through the anus. A visual diagnosis gives an opportunity for the removal of any lesions.

Virtual Colonoscopy can also be done with the use of either a CT scan or an MR scan. These scans produce 3 and 2-dimensional images respectively. Interestingly, the process of colonoscopy is done with a light sedation or general anesthesia to make patients more comfortable. Patients, therefore, need not worry too much on what to expect during the process.

The main purpose of a colonoscopy is to look for fleshy overgrowth of tissues, that is, polyps and to remove them. They are usually sent to pathology for in-depth analysis after they are removed. Some typical polyps found include non-cancerous and benign. These are the primary agents of colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer is the cancer of the colon and rectum. The term may also be used to refer to lumps, tumors or growths of the rectum. The most affected parts include the large intestines and the bowel. Some of the colorectal cancer symptoms include rectal bleeding, colon cancer history in the family line, abdominal pain especially if it is chronic, diarrhea, and anemia caused by blood loss. Surgery is one of the methods used to fight colorectal cancer as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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